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Divorce Guides:

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Professional Organizations:

American Bar Association (ABA)
Association of Divorce Financial Planners (ADFP)
Connecticut Counsel for Non Adversarial Divorce (CCND)
Divorce Solutions of Connecticut (DSC)
Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts (IDFA)
International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP)

General Divorce Information:

Divorce Magazine

Divorce Source
The Smart Divorce, Deborah Moskovitch
Divorce and Money, Gayle Rosenwald Smith, JD
The Truth About Children and Divorce, Robert E. Emery, PhD.
Moving On, Sarah Ban Breathnach

Helpful Links

Social Security Administration
Retirement Planner: If You Are Divorced
If you are divorced, but your marriage lasted 10 years or longer, you may be eligible to receive benefits on your ex-spouse’s record.
Internal Revenue Service
Publication 504, Divorced or Separated Individuals
This publication explains tax rules that apply if you are divorced or separated from your spouse. It covers general filing information, payments and transfers of property, and deductions for certain costs of obtaining a divorce.
Free Credit Report
Getting your Credit Report & Credit Score is the first step in knowing your credit.