For Divorcing Couples - Equitable Divorce Solutions
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For Divorcing Couples

Providing trusted financial analysis & planning – before, during, and after divorce

Planning is an essential part of the divorce process. Support is provided through all stages of your divorce.

STAGE I: Pre Divorce

  • Compile, organize and value assets (marital and separate)
  • Analyze liabilities
  • Prepare statements of net worth
  • Perform lifestyle analysis
  • Establish realistic budgets
  • Determine immediate needs

Download checklist for information & documents needed

STAGE II: Divorce settlement preparation and long-term planning

  • Discuss and prioritize goals
  • Estimate future earnings potential
  • Anticipate future expenses (obligations)
  • Project retirement needs
  • Determine insurance needs

STAGE III: Divorce settlement analysis and negotiation

Evaluate financial and tax implications of a proposed division of assets

  • Compare after-tax asset sales
  • Estimate maintenance needs and ability to pay
  • Analyze long-term cash flow and net worth
  • Compare and evaluate settlement scenarios
  • Determine maintenance/child support trade-offs
  • Suggest alternative settlement proposals if necessary
  • Project long-term effects of financial settlement alternatives
  • List pros and cons of various settlement options
  • Before and after-tax analysis of property settlement (transfer and/or sale)
  • Create personalized reports that illustrate current and future financial status

STAGE IV: Post Divorce

  • Oversee the transfer and liquidation of assets
  • Determine tax obligation pertaining to the sale of assets
  • Discuss and prioritize financial goals
  • Establish a new budget and post-divorce financial plan
  • List and review changes to make after a settlement is final (click here for more information)
  • Recommend allied professionals
  • Monitor implementation and results of a new financial plan
Connecticut property division

Lisa Gresham, CDFA®

“Realizing a successful divorce involves being educated about your options and realistic about your expectations.”

Avoid Critical Financial Mistakes

Focus on the future… not the past.

Download The Most Costly Financial Mistakes to Avoid During Divorce

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